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Low noise PLL loop amplifier fuer Kenwood TS940
Low noise PLL loop amplifier fuer Kenwood TS940
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LED S-METER Belechtung fuer Kenwood TS930/940

The new backlight replacement for the Kenwood TS930 and TS940 transceivers

The LED Backlight Module for Kenwood TS930 and TS940 series transceivers itís a retrofit replacement for the original backlight bulbs for the S-Meter.
There are 6 Ledís placed to ensure a homogeneous illumination. All Ledís used on this module does have a light color temperature of 3000K, which give almost the same color temperature of the original backlight bulbs.
Furthermore itís possible to select the operating voltage in function of the target transceiver (28V for TS930 or 15V for TS940) through a solder jumper.

Download the LED backlight installation guide

The board is delivered as full assembled, so is it quite easy for most people with soldering skills to install the unit in the transceiver.

The specifications:

- Light color temperature: 3000K
- Power requirements (for TS930): 28V, max. 40mA
- Power requirements (for TS940): 15V, max. 70mA
- Board size: 59x26mm

This module can be order as already configured for a TS930 or TS940 Transceiver: choose please your right option here below:

VerfŁgbare Optionen:
Fuer Transceiver Typ:
Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 13. November 2022 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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