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TCXO NG772 fuer ICOM IC7700/IC7800
TCXO NG772 fuer ICOM IC7700/IC7800
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FT-ONE-MemoryPlus fuer YAESU FT-ONE

The next gen MEMORY BOARD replacement for the YAESU FT-ONE transceiver

This board is a aftermarked replacement for the YAESU RAM BOARD (PB-2267), which is no longer available as original part.
The main function of this board is to store the VFO's (A + B) frequencies to a RAM memory when you turning off the FT-ONE, and read this memory back when you switch on the FT-ONE. Unfortunately many of these RAM chips goes bad often and are very, very difficult to find as spare components.

FT-ONE MemoryPlus Project webpage

To replace the original RAM BOARD, the new board was developed to implement all logic functions of two Panasonic RAM IC's MN1203 inside a RISC MCU. Furthermore the FT-ONE-MemoryPlus store all data also to a EEPROM memory, therefore no more backup batteries are neccessary in your FT-ONE !

The same board dimensions and connector positions on the printed circuit board as on the original unit, which permit a easy “plug and play” replacement of a defectiv RAM BOARD UNIT. The FT-ONE-MemoryPlus doesn't need backup batteries, which are to remove before you install this new memory board.

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Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 01. Oktober 2023 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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1 x FST3253MX Dual 4:1 Multiplexer, 10 Stk.
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